Riot could create a tank item with the bugged Doran's shield passive

Hello there ! If you have played in the PBE server this week-end, you all know what is happening : The Doran shield is especially OP, because it gives 300 HP over 10 sec after enduring damages... For only 450 golds. Before, I didn't care about the bug. But I decided to try it and play an amazing build : I played Nidalee Support with Kleptomancy, buying the frostfang tier 2 and the doran shield after my first back (needing 900 golds). Ok, it is unealthy for the game to abuse this bug (however, it's just PBE). But you know what ? I actually get A LOT OF FUN playing this build (later, i went frozen gauntlets and spiritual face), because I was able to farm by poking and annoying my opponents, dodging every of their skill shots, without having my maximum health bar being a limit to my playstyle. Without such a strong passive, I would lost my entire health bar pretty fast, since every autos or one skill can delete you so much life in the current state of the game. At this point, I remembered that none the current tank item gives a sustain ability when fighting that favor long trades and fights, almost only flat resistances and health. It would be very fun that such a tank item that gives 400 HP and this strong passive exists for a 2600 golds cost or similar. Something that would need {{item:1006}} + {{item:1006}} + {{item:3801}} + {{item:3801}}
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