Aatrox's new and old VO (voice and quotes)

One of my favourite thing about the old Aatrox was his VO, I really liked the inspiring calm demon voice, that sounded wise and calm and confident, since well.. "I am as timeless as war." -{{champion:266}} I always really loved how inspiring he was to listen to evne if he wasn't the best of champions I wanted to play him because of that. Some of my favourite quotes from Aatrox was things like: "Fight or be forgotten." "There will be no retreat." "I know what lurks in the hearts of men." "Fight as a hero, or die as a coward." "Even those who have nothing can give their lives." - {{champion:266}} Now He feels more generic I WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING kinda guy, he really reminds me of Deathwing of World of Warcraft, Now he just sounds more angrey and sarcastic ( I like sarcasm tbh), and I don't know his new lore but he sounds really tortured. Here are some of his new quotes if havn't played him much: "Suffer! As I suffer!" "Fight! Join me in death!" "I am Darkin! Your gods fear me!" "I begged for death, now I am its bringer!" "Am I the abyss? Or did I gaze into it?" -{{champion:266}} I would love a skin with his old voice acter and or quotes someday, or maybe just get his old voice acter back? (I know that is proplerly not gonna happen since Riot already paided the new voice acter for it, but there is always hope) But yea i just needed to say this is a place where there is chance to be heard. P.S Also I feel like the Russian accent sounds a bit weird on a demon
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