Give people with higher PBE level, higher login queue priority...

Hey everybody! Since TFT was released, there were so many players that just created a new PBE account to play TFT, and probably only TFT, which is really frustrating for me because I need to wait now like over 12 hours to get into the PBE... My suggestion: Give ppl who are more active and definitely higher level on PBE like me, such a higher login queue priority... For real now, it's tilting me so hard to wait like 12 hours only because of some ppl just creating account to play TFT and they'll probably never play again on PBE due to higher ping... I've got a ~120ms and I'm playing on PBE every week since 2017 so it's only fair for me to get a higher login queue priority. These new players are tilting so hard... In fact, I didn't see one account while I was able to play TFT who was over lvl 30, max. 35... I'm so pissed, even the streamers can somehow login instantly... And most of them just created a new account too. wtf is this riot? I want some fairness, I literally just wasted 2 years of testing out some new shit so these live server ppl can have a nice game without bugs, and now I don't even get rewarded for that? Now I'm treated the same as those who have hardly done anything for the PBE who are not interested in finding new bugs? So please. I spent two years investing in the PBE just to let the vultures live on the live servers without any complaints, and now they all come to the PBE and I have to wait over 12 hours for such people? Change that easy, I deserve to be a priority in a higher queue.
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