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Over the past few months, the Modes team has been testing out some ideas in our experimental game modes like Nexus Blitz and ARURF+. While the modes themselves are experiments, we've also been testing specific things within the modes, like methods of adjusting and balancing runes and champions.
Hello everyone! In Patch 9.7 we’re going to be running a mini-ARAM event with a bunch of experimental changes and a few missions to complete. There's a big Nexus article with the rundown of everything that's going on, so go read that first. (We listed 'em here for convenience though.) Give the changes a try while they're here on PBE and let us know what you think! **Big Stuff** Butcher’s Bridge is back! A ban phase has been added to ARAM. Everyone bans a champ (10 bans total), then random champs are assigned Damage from champions more than 900 range away is reduced by 15% (excluding Ultimates and DoTs). There is a small visual indicator when this triggers. At 15:00, minions begin spawning more often and moving faster, maxing out at 25:00 Champions deal 10% bonus damage to structures. At 15:00 that bonus begins increasing, maxing at 30% at 25:00. A new Summoner Spell, Backtrack, replaces Barrier. It gives a small shield on activation, then 3 seconds later sends you back towards your fountain. (Further for melee champions.) **New Items & Changes to Existing Items:** *New* Mariner’s Vengeance: Same build path and stats as Guardian Angel but with a different passive. Defy Death: When you would die, instead you cleanse all CC and refresh your basic abilities cooldowns, and become invulnerable for 4 seconds. After that, you die. 210 second cooldown. Warmog’s Armor: Passive healing changed from 5% max health per second to 5% missing health per second. Ghostwalkers: Movement speed bonus in wall increased to 250. Can’t be activated if you’ve taken damage in the last 3 seconds. **Runes Balance** Precision Triumph: Restore 6% (from 12%) of your missing HP and grant 10 (from 20) gold. Presence of Mind: Restore 10% (from 20%) of your max mana and 6% (from 10%) of your ult cooldown. Domination Electrocute: Cooldown 15-10sec (from 25-20sec) Predator: Cooldown 100-80sec (from 150-100sec) Taste of Blood: Cooldown 15sec (from 20sec) Ghost Poro: Cooldown 25sec (from 60sec) Sorcery Nullifying Orb: Cooldown 30sec (from 60sec) Nimbus Cloak: Cooldown 30sec (from 60sec) Gathering Storm: Every 7min (from 10min) Resolve Grasp of the Undying: Permanent Health Gained is 10 (from 5), 6 (from 3) for ranged. Conditioning: Activates at 8min (from 10min) Overgrowth: Gain 5 health (from 3) for every 8 monsters absorbed. At 80 monsters (from 120) gain additional 2.5% HP. Inspiration Magical Footwear: Gives at 8min (from 10min) Perfect Timing: Activates at 4min (from 10min) Minion Dematerializer: Initial Cooldown of 2min (from 4min) **Champion Balance** NERFS: Ashe: -5% damage dealt Illaoi: +5% damage taken Janna: +5% damage taken Jhin: -5% damage dealt Jinx: -5% damage dealt Kog’maw: -8% damage dealt Lux: -8% damage dealt Maokai: -8% damage dealt & +5% damage taken Miss Fortune: -5% damage dealt Nasus: -5% damage dealt Sion: +5% damage taken Sivir: -8% damage dealt Sona: -10% damage dealt & -25% healing done Teemo: -8% damage dealt Veigar: +5% damage taken Vel’Koz: -5% damage dealt Yorick: +8% damage taken Ziggs: -15% damage dealt BUFFS: Akali: +12% damage dealt & -8% damage taken Bard: +8% damage dealt & -5% damage taken Evelynn: +12% damage dealt & -5% damage taken Hecarim: -10% damage taken Kindred: +10% damage dealt Khazix: -10% damage taken LeBlanc: +12% damage dealt Lee Sin: +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken Nidalee: +15% damage done Nocturne: +5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken Rek’sai: +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken Rengar: -10% damage taken Ryze: +8% damage dealt & -5% damage taken Sejuani: -10% damage taken Tryndamere: +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken Warwick: -8% damage taken And that’s it. Give them a try on PBE and 9.7 and let us know what you think. After that we’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t. Hope all your ARAM games aRRRRR a blast!
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