New Patch, New features... Right?

Today's the day! The patch is new and the day is shining... *gasp* THE NEW PATCH IS OUT!! Alright all jokes aside, you came here to know what this discussion is going to be about, let's get started. The last time I gave some seriously major feedback, I was too late. I guess I wanted to make sure how I was feeling about the game and everything about it since I'm mostly sceptical about my own feelings. Let's get right down to it. Where are the changes? What are the updates? This is the PBE client for pete sake. The PBE functions differently of course because of implementing new product, but what is the new product? What are the changes or updates? Well.. that's the problem, and the answer unfortunately is too easy. And usually when the answer is too easy, it takes a long time for it to be interacted with. Even though a lot of the changes may not even be released, we have no way of detecting what is undergoing a change, what has been changed, and if the error has been rectified- much less if the new product requires alteration for equal opportunity within gameplay. My whole point of saying this is how you can find these detail within League's "live" client, but not the PBE. Come on... Because of us PBE users, League is able to share and introduce all of the "newly confirmed" patch note updates, but in the PBE we users have to constantly guess if anything need some serious help or something to take a serious look at. Almost more than 45% of the time, the issue found was already there almost 4 patches ago. This kind of problem is what I'd like to call, "jack squat" since major or any kind of serious issues should be consistently identified and ultimately early within the update. Nonetheless, I love finding bugs. This account is basically dedicated to finding bugs- which is why I barely place a discussion. Either way that isn't going to stop me from pointing out serious feedback League needs to hear. So here is my serious feedback. We PBE users require some type of worthy direction so we can validate what is being asked for. Even putting something like that in the missions slot would help- just creatively speaking here. Ultimately, I'd say that your answer to this problem is to post what is considered as an update to you. Either share those changes or have some type of active/live chat within the client. Simple as that. Otherwise, you're having chickens running around with their heads chopped off and huge problems could go undetected once you go live. Let's please not have it come down to that. In my power, I'm willing to do what many will not.
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