Feedback on URF

In the last 2-3 weeks I have spammed arurf games (167 games). I play for fun and mostly to win (63% winrate or so). Here is some feedback I have. **Observations:** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. **Crit is super OP** - fast gold generation and double attack speed mitigates downside and maximizes upside of crit builds. Raw DMG from 2-3 crit builder teams is hard to deal with. **Recommendations:** ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. **Transcendence should stay strong ** - i saw the nerf was reverted. This is good because other champs need all the help they can to fight the Crit 3. ** Bans should be allowed** - some champions like Shaco, Ekko, Morg, Tank Veigar, Kai'sa are super obnoxious and severely limit the potential of weaker champions (e.g. Volibear, Heimerdinger, Gnar, etc etc etc). Even though allowing bans on the surface seems to limit champ diversity, on the contrary, it will make the games much more balanced and interesting by allowing players to eliminate the super OPs.
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