Nerf/Disabled Champions & Runes.

Okay so I'm making this thread just to make a suggestion when it comes to custom ARURF nerfs &/or disables. (I can't post in the recommended thread because for some reason PBE forums is only allowing me to make new threads & not allowing me to reply or post anything without creating the thread.) Anyways here is my personal list on the things that needs changed when it comes to champions on the ARURF mode. I also put a reason why since that's usually helpful as well. 1. {{champion:103}} For the most part she's kind of easy to kill if you can get on her or gank her but the charm is permanent. I'd suggest just lowering the duration or increase the cool down since it's 100% kill if she lands it. 2. {{champion:63}} Unfortunately I don't know how to change him without making him useless completely so he needs to be disabled due to permanent stun. 3. {{champion:31}} So I haven't exactly found any counter play personally for this guy since he has a permanent silence maybe an ADC with range & auto attacks. (Unless he's building armor ofc.) I'd suggest lowering the silence duration or increasing the cool down on this as well. 4. {{champion:119}} He needs some AD ratios/damage decrease. Just like out of URF he pretty much 1 shots everyone. 5. {{champion:114}} Sadly she needs to be completely disabled she is one of the few URF champs that can 1v5 with ease. She has a 0 cd on her dash, an ultimate that heals her & riposte constantly...oh and she does tons of damage since it's %. 6. {{champion:105}} How I mentioned 1v5 with Fiora well Fizz can do it as well the dodging constantly makes him impossible to hit unless you are a fiddlesticks with drain maxed first or karma's tether. Fizz is another champ that does need to be plain out disabled...not just nerfed. 7. {{champion:86}} You can permanently stay in your E if you keep activating/deactivating I'd suggest get rid of this for ARURF since it gives him tons of armor shred & damage. (Essentially 2x more damage than it should.) 8. {{champion:39}} She has a lot of damage (to much) & tons of mobility. I'd suggest lowering her damage by 10% & increasing the cooldown on her W. (Karthus treatment.) 9. {{champion:126}} Only thing I'd suggest with Jayce is increase the cool down of his acceleration gate so he can't spam his Q & 1 shot people constantly. 10. {{champion:145}} The only thing she needs is just a simple damage reduction around 15%. She just does to much so maybe even 20%. 11. {{champion:121}} Easy fix as well, just a damage reduction since he can 1 shot pretty easily. 12. {{champion:11}} Needs to be disabled due to power spike, the bonus attack speed helps him so much so he's pretty much permanently untargetable with his alpha strike. 13. {{champion:25}} She has permanent bind so you legit can't get out of it & only way to is mikaels, spell shield or qss which CD is way longer than her next bind. She needs disabled. 14. {{champion:61}} She does a lot of damage as well, a damage reduction by 10-20% should help. 15. {{champion:102}} This is for AP Shyvana...the AP ratio needs nerfed for ARURF her empowered Q while in dragon form can 1-2 shot people. 16. {{champion:15}} I'd suggestion a damage reduction or increased cooldown for her spell shield since it's almost up all the time. 17. Sylis needs to be removed completely from ARURF can 1v5 easily to much healing/shielding/no ultimate cd/to much mobility. 18. {{champion:23}} Needs to have his ultimate cooldown increased or lower his healing on his Q, or just needs to be disabled. AP Tryndamere is 100% unkillable. 19. {{champion:110}} Just needs a simple damage reduction, 10% or 20%. His Q is super strong & keeps him at a far distance (untouchable if played right.) 20. {{champion:45}} Permanent stun, this needs to have a way higher cooldown or the stun needs to be way shorter. 21. {{champion:8}} As I dont see a way to make him not useless with nerfs I'd suggest disabling him since he's another one that is impossible to kill if played correct. 22. {{champion:62}} The custom nerfs did pretty much nothing so I'd suggest just disabling this mess that is called perma stealth. 23. {{champion:5}} Only thing that's rough with this guy is his ultimate, I'd suggest increasing the cooldown just a tad bit. 24. {{champion:142}} She has a permanent sleep that is also a damage amp, increasing the cooldown of this skill just a suggestion. Anyways I believe I covered most champions that need some type of change...I may be missing a few but these are the main issues. A few other things I'd suggest if with the runes...removing transcendence & dark harvest would fix a lot of these issues since they both give you way more unneeded damage to every champion.
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