The whole "New Info for People who are New to PBE" thing...

Originally when I joined PBE we were given RP, and IP, and all that. Making it possible for me to try out new chromapacks. Not to mention if I ever wanted to change my name I could. Now, I can't do any of those. I bought all my skins previous with RP because nothing was priced for 1 IP other than new things. So I'm left with no RP to try out things like chromapacks. Or to change my name. Or anything that cost's RP like ward skins. I'm just wondering if there's a way that would allow us to be able to try these new things. E.g. make them all 1 IP like everything else. That's just what I think beacuse its upsetting not being able to try those things out, because I only have a few and I want to try more. There are new wards this season like the SKT ward skin that I can't try because you need RP, but where am I supposed to get that RP from? Let me know what you guys think about this too.
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