seriously can we get a quinn revert please?

did you just realize that quinn got the most nerfs in league after the rework and no reason to get reworked really also ulti is not used on 1vs1 or teamfights and only some little buffs cant do something anyway who cares if your valor dosnt go off if they hit you anyway you cant dmg hime with valor and actually old valor got crazy dmg and for 1vs1 also old q was able to critical and deals more dmg than new even with lethality when old got no lethality i mean what hapend if you mark all enemys with ulti anyway you cant hit all of them you will focus at adc or mid lane but you cant because new quinn is so uselles on teamfighting you cant jump to enemy and kill him fast . in my option quinn should be reverted and i am sure that people will like more old quinn for sure it was more fun to play with valor and assasinate at the same time.
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