Skeptical About the -210g off Warmog's

210g off Warmog's seems enormous to me. Maybe it's not amazing but it is still gold efficient at its 2850g price point and I think there are several defensive items which are arguably in a worse state. For example, Deadman's seems on the weak end. Even a small buff like another 0.5 seconds on the slow seems quite safe. Frozen Heart also doesn't seem great to me and I think a big part of that is that it has 0 HP on it. Adding a Ruby Crystal somewhere, even while increasing the cost, would probably help a lot. So, why such a huge Warmog's buff seemingly out of the blue and why such an unusual number for the game? I'd at least have expected 2650g instead of 2640g. I think before such a significant buff, it would be better to just make it cheaper by 150g and see if that achieves your goals.
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