New Morellonomicon Feedback

I'm personally not really found of the new Morellonomicon and in the long run I feel in terms of it's usage this item will lose popularity. It's componement Orb of Shadows is fine but I feel it won't be upgraded very often with the underwhelming cost of it's upgrade. And that's really a bad thing for supports in general that might want to buy the item to counter healing. The new morello's is just weaker than the current {{item:3151}} in terms of power. If we really think about it even now {{item:3165}} isn't bought that often and now it has sustain, 20% cdr and is cheaper. Overal I feel like the lose of the cdr is the thing that makes it overkill and it should add least get 10% cdr back or made cheaper. What should happen with the new Morellonomicon is that it's price should be reduced to 2650 gold. It's recipe need to be changed to: * **Recipe:** Orb of Shadows (1500) + {{item:3108}} (900) + 250g * **Stats:** 250 Health, 65 Ability Power, 10% Cooldown Reduction This would push the item more into that situational direction and make into the real counterpart of {{item:3135}} in term of usage and lategame functionality while also make it a little bit better for supports to buy it. Discuss
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