New Draft Pick (TBD) Suggestion/Issues [Disconnects/Dodges]

Just sat through 3 nearly completed drafts picks because of dodges. Speaking of which, that **_"...failed to pick..." message should be emphasized in the chat log _**for the sake of clarity, seeing as if no one dodges on your team, all 5 players are retained. Couldn't tell what happened, other than the obvious, disappearance of the picks. Maybe even a notification box like the queue pop? Finally managed to get through the entirety of the draft and was waiting for the queue to pop. Around 10 seconds before the queue pops a message shows up saying "DLC [our adc] has left." To my surprise, the queue went through into load screen and our adc never connected. I'm not sure if this is due to the number of PBE players on right now (had a few odd error messages about the server not responding earlier,) or something else entirely. _Is it possible to run a **connectivity check before the game loads** in to make sure ALL summoners in the draft are still connected? If someone isn't connected before the load screen, the game shouldn't start._ **Circumstances:** Hop into draft pick queue. Go through ban phase. Go through pick phase. "[SummonerName] has left" **Expected: **Left message assoc. w/ dc; consequently, client exits, players are returned to queue. **Actual:** Game loads despite no "reconnect" message for missing player. Player never connects. **Frequency:** N/A, one instance of this so far.

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