Yuumi needs nerf on URF

Title. Her being able to sit on a champion the entire game, healing, giving speed, healing, giving speed, giving heal, giving even more speed, giving even more heal without you being able to punish her nor the champion she is on, is insanely unfun and most of the time it is a game decider if a team has Yuumi, making it extremely hard for the enemy team to win and impossible for them to make a come back. I suggest that her heals becomes 85% effective and she takes 110% damage so the team that is playing against Yuumi to be able to severely punish her if she gets caught. With this change the team playing against her will have more chances beating the 2v2 lane against her so at early-mid game (early and mid being when healing is about at 85% effective) they will be able to have a bigger lead but at the same time not being to stop the inevitable (aka her being extremely powerful at late game by healing her teamates)
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