Small Complaints with the New Pyke Skin

I dunno why but it won't let me comment on Riot's Feature Feedback thread so I'll post it here I guess I really love this skin! As a Pyke main it makes me so happy! However, I have some complaints about the skin and the art, including: * **The Splash Art** The splash art is good, but the face just feels completely off. Where as the rest of the splash is extremely detailed and refined, Pyke's head feels almost flat and void of any detail. It would be really cool to have a splash on par with the BM Aatrox and Sivir but Pyke's splash just falls short due to this critical mistake. * **Pyke's Icon** Pyke's mask in the icon looks too clean and plastic-y. I'm not sure how to describe it properly, but the clean white mask creates a stark contrast to the dark atmosphere of the rest of his face, making the mask not fit in with the rest of the icon and feel completely out of place. * **The Recall Animation** I understand some assets are missing, including the orbs, but I believe his return animation (the animation that plays at spawn after a recall is completed) should be unique compared to his other two skins. Instead of just jumping out of the ground, maybe make it like Blood Moon Jhin's respawn animation where Pyke would reform his body from a pool of ink at base. * **The E and Ult SFX** The music changes to fit the Blood Moon Thematic is absolutely beautiful, but in my opinion Phantom Undertow and Death From Below feel extremely lackluster. Phantom Undertow's sounds are barely noticeable and feels unsatisfying to land, while Death From Below copies most elements from his base skin, with the instrumental ambience being the only unique part about the ult. Other than these 4 complaints, I think you guys did a wonderful job with how these skins turned out! Keep up the good work! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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