Garen rework actually looked good if you change some stuff

To start off the true damage on his ult should have happend a long time ago. The magic damage makes it very inconsistant to use it sometimes & the entire villan mechanic just feels so random. Giving it true damage feels like a good direction for him. As far the onhit effect on his spin goes. I actually think it makes sences with how much time Garen is in his E. What I want to see is having his armor shred on his E removed entirely but in return Garen can trigger onhit effects with it. I really want to see him with {{item:3022}}. To compensate for this I do think his damage reduction needs to be changed. He get's a serious damage increase so what I would like to see is giving him that damage reduction but the duration needs to be lowered a lot. Rather than letting it last up to 5 seconds I would change it to a flat 1.5 seconds. But in return he's able to use it while cc'd similar to tryn ult. Actually I think we can go even further with this by letting it remove cc on activation similar to Alistar ult. As far the armor/mr stacking goes, I would suggest to give it no limit & change it more into a stacking champions. If that results into to much power an alternative would be an effect that happends when the stacking limit is reached like healing him or grant movementspeed when he kills an unit.
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