What the hell is wrong with Zoe?

What the hell! Just what the hell. How can you even think to create a champ like this? Zoe is just unfair. She has too many escape and do a lot of damage. Tell me just one champ with the a kit as strong as hers. It's impossible to trade her because of the stupid number of her cc and she has pratically all the summoners spell. Don't even bother to release a champ that will be permabanned. And what is the meaning to use her mid ? in top she ha all that she need: a melee champ to harass and a longer lane that let her escape easly. Don't wait a week or a month to nerf this thing. nerf her before release. is just impossible to deal with her and it's frustating to play with a champ that's basically a doombot with two ignite and two flash.
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