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Well, Lets Go Again, I Had Problems whit reconnection
Five posts in one month,0 answers.This happen to me when i choose a champ and a few seconds later,my sreen is black for a minute and this says the text.This is my pastebin( . Thanks for you time and srry for being reiterative
After 1 month and 5 posts expressing my problems whit the connection, nobody answer me. I know that I´m not the only one whit this problem, there are a lot but, I think that at least, if you response us saying that is hard to saw those messages, we would be less reiterative. In this link I put another post which have my pastebin (and I would staying refreshing all the weeks). PD: Srry for being reiterative, but i dont know in this case of no answers what i should do. I will really appreciate one answer if there´s possible.
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