Formal Petition: Add Christmas Particles/Colors on to Mistletoe LeBlanc.

Riot, I'd like to formally ask if the company is finally going to give Mistletoe LeBlanc Christmas particles. During the 2016 Rework, LeBlanc was given new particles for every one of her high priced RP skins EXCEPT Mistletoe which uses the same particles as her base skin. Sleigh Belle Katarina received Christmas daggers and particles on her Christmas skin of the same price. Toy Soldier Gangplank received 3D models of his barrels with windup's on them. Bad Santa Veigar and Snow Day Ziggs both received snow particles. LeBlanc is pratically the only one without particles on her Christmas Skin but is priced the same. IF the particles on Mistletoe LeBlanc are going to remain the same, the price on Mistletoe LeBlanc should be set at 750 as a "Budget" skin. The definition by Riot Games for a Budget skin is: "Model changes, new texture and new splash image. Sometimes includes: new animations." The definition by Riot Games for a Standard skin is: "New model, new texture, visual effects and new splash image." Mistletoe LeBlanc is set at 950, when it is a 750 skin at its current state. It is as simple as changing the colors of her particles to Red + Green and making her mark on Q and R(Q) a wreath to make this skin up to standard. Please, for the LeBlanc community - we appreciate you've done a lot of work already on LeBlanc but let's bring her particles on that skin up to standard while we are taking 2 patches to fix her up. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}

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