new Punishment for bad behavior opinions

hey guys, we all been having constant toxicity, racial, homophobic, flaming, trolling etc.. adventures with some childlike behavior people
so i thought of a few things that may be a good deterrent punishments, and please if you think of anything more add it and lets see if Riot try it!!
Perma bans don't do the trick, a person may make a new account easy, or maybe have a back up one already, so my ideas are
for Intentional Feeding, Toxicity, Intentional AFK (as in rage quit, didnt get my way so i disconnect etc..) Hate Speech, what ever game mode it happened on :
1- 14 days ban from that game mode
2- 1 rank drop (from Gold 3 to Gold 4 if offense happened in a none ranked game)
3- 1 whole Division drop if offense took place in a ranked game ( from Gold 3 to Silver 3)
4- Honor level back at 0 with a 30 days none honorable game plays.
5- if an offender repeats one of those major offenses, 2nd punishment should be : 14 days ban on account, rank lvl drop back to Iron 4, his level drop back to lvl 30 no matter what level he maybe (even if its 400) honor lvl 0, everything that has not been purchased by RP (his real money) such as with BE, OE or opened chests, Capsules, Honor Capsules etc... should be permanently taken away (champs, skins, icons, emotes etc...)
i think this can be a very good deterrent for people not to offend and def. not to re-offend

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