I'm New to PBE

Hi guys! Im new to pbe... Well actually i applied here long time ago i dont't really remember when (when i was still "noob" at this game) and when i checked it now it said that i got accepted so it was really surprising ( i was accepted in april but checked that email only now :P) i read already that post about info for new pbe players and i think i'm ready to test new stuff,report bugs or give new ideas etc. I know that riot chooses people because they need help in testing and it's privilege to be here, but i think i will be still playing more on main acc ( because i have lots of friends there, i mean real life friends we'r playing with skype,none on pbe and i really want to get main acc on next tier someday... And stuff like this) but i have time also to be tester here, summer now so lots of time... i just wanted to know to active should i be here so my acc wont get banned? (coz when school will start i wont have much time for both accs, im still 15...)
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