ARURF the Yuumi problem

{{champion:350}} This cat is litterally causing so many problems in ARURF and is really making me question if these {{item:3075}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3123}} really work? Like this cat alone cause so many problems in ARURF it a instant win if your team has this cat. Like the first major problem with yuumi is how much she heals and shields like early game not so much but mid game it the worst thing ever. URF alone provides the debuff on healing and shields but not for this cat nonononnono this cat litterally says forget urf debuff Im gonna play my way then just heals over the amount. I mean we had this problem with {{champion:69}} healing too much with her poision and riot looked and nerfed her healing for urf so please riot Nerf the cat healing for URF or increase Grievous wound Item percentage cause 40% healing reduction is nothing for late game.
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