Could you please update aram with this feature please. ARAM is outdated .

A lot of people use aram accounts and sometimes you get 0 balance in the game like 5 poking champs vs 0 poking champs you lose first tower and second tower and nexus and all towers and you didnt even pass the mid lane of the map . My suggestion is: -in the collection add features selection of the 40 champs you wanna play in aram. -make some balance in the random champs the algorithm should be changed i dont like this random(the number of champs you have) it should be random(the number of mages you have or tanks or or ) every player should get a type of champs not all same type all ranged vs all melee or verse versa . i dont know this is my idea but the 40 champs selection is really good idea so nobody will flame you when you play with champ for first time .
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