Unbalance Tactics + Dervish Blade dont work !!!!

What is unfortunate is that it is the TFT does not give the impression of rewarding tactical choices, but more feed with champions brokens (to have in addition the first pick in the carousel), which is abused. We can be first, we have no item on the pve (very often), we choose the remains of items / champs and as items> gold stack. Well be the first 15 laps to be comeback after by the penultimate. So, it's Team Fight Tempo. AFK early and win the late, it's not tactics, it's the intentional feeding aroused. At least the early reward good makings, even if there is rng, but offer no possibility that everyone is the same chance to drop, otherwise what good ... As it would say "it's not the cards we have that counts, it's what we make", well it's easy when you have no right to the pick (carousel) ... Imagine a game of poker you against all the others who can draw, except you ... well here is TFT !!! Also your item does not work {{item:3137}} like no impact on every autos from the early beginning of the game absolute nothing happens, from the beginning I got it and I built it on a well covered dps throughout my game and I carefully watched if the item could down grade , Well no. So it does not work at all. And instead of leaving seju free alone, buff at least volibear, because the numbers of champions are limited and if some champions are broken, at least diversify so that everyone is able to build his compo, without being denied by the last ones who full target and better stuffed. Something else, prevent the tag in multi in ranked as the single file like the unbalancing unique flex Q, which can become toxic because the premades are fighting against the rest to feed their mates in voice to finish in the top, which is anti game. On the other hand, if a mode 4v4 royal battle team, it would be fairplay to have a pure mode solo and team 4v4, for the ranked. Thanks

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