"Reward Received Spam" in Notifications in Day After

When I logged into the PBE I was greeted with 4 Key fragments and a notification that said "Reward Received." I closed out of both, and two more "Reward Received" boxes appeared. This kept on for about 10 boxes. When I checked my notifications, it was filled with these. See the picture: [Reward Box](https://i.imgur.com/40bok4g.png). There are two issues here: These came from buying mystery icons **_yesterday_**. I did not get these notification pop-ups when I bought the items, but a day later. I also cannot dismiss them with the "dismiss all notifications button." These aren't even a "gift from Riot Games." These were things I bought from the store with RP. The first time I saw these notifications I assumed I had actually received something I had not bought, which I think is very reasonable to assume from the message.

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