Cursor Update on PBE v3 Hey all, here’s one more iteration during this PBE cycle. In this round, we’ve been focusing on the following areas: Enemy Hover (Sword) Iterations - shape, size, and color Pass on visuals to feel closer to League style (WIP) For this round we focused on updating the render quality of our assets to feel a bit more like League but still contrast the colors and vfx that happen in game so you don’t lose track of the cursor. The renders are not final, and if we move forward with these designs, they will still need some polishing. We have also heard a good amount of feedback on the sword feeling small or the shape change not giving enough feedback on when you’re hovering an enemy. So in this iteration, we are adding color combined with the shape shift to a bigger sword to give you that quick feedback when you need it. Color can be tricky - the legacy cursor often had problems with losing a red sword in a red wave of minions. To solve that, we’re trying out a red sword but with a brighter white edge and tip to help stand out against all the red in the game. These visuals are still a work-in-progress and we’d love to get your feedback. Thanks!
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