Un Nerf Swains Passive Mana Gain

So before todays update (7/11/19) Swain gained % of Max HP as HP AND Mana from his Passive This felt really good because Swains spells cost SOOO freaking much to cast. Today the mana gain is now % of max Mana. Building mana other then RoA is a HARD nerf to Battle Mage Swain. Swain is NOT a Burst Mage. He is a Battle Mage so that means LONG fights. He NEEDS HP and Def to survive and currently with {{item:3157}} + {{item:3151}} at sa lvl 9-11 he has 7 casts and he is OOM SEVEN SPELLS!! Before with above items his passive would give him 89 HP and 89 Mana Today its 89 HP and 36 Mana At lvl 11 with {{item:3003}} He can cast spells 16 times then he is OOM With Swains Passive being a HP stacking before it meant he could gain more mana gain as he stacked his stacks. Now he gains nothing to his mana. He HAS to build Mana and lots of it. This change alone will make him worthless to play in the current game. Ether unnerf the passive and make it back to being a % of his Max HP or lower his spell costs by 30% accost the board.

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