Irelia buffs

1.Ionian Fervor (Passive) 
 [15/30/45 at 1/7/13] bonus magic damage on hit 
 Attack speed increased from 5/7/8% to 6/9/12%
 [20/35/50 at 1/7/13] + Bonus magic damage on hit 30% bonus AD ratio
 Attack speed increased from 6/9/12% to 8/12/16%
















2. Q - reverted back befor patch 9.2 
 or (1. 65/75/90/110/130 Flat bonus) or 












(2. 45/60/75/90/105 + 0.5% total attack dmg (Flat + AD Bonus) 
























E - Adjust the range whe target get stun and when not and

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