Can we talk about this? [support items changes in 8.5]

So basically what happens is support items got changed. If you kill minions, for 12 sec you dont get any gold generation, coins, Tribute generation, consumption.. And as Sona main i have to say: i love playing agressive as support. As Sona, i always get Spellthief's Edge and max Q at lvl1 to harras enemy and get gold by that. By now i cant do this? Let me say example: at lvl1 i get Q by 1 point, i help jungler with Red\Blue and go to lane, then i play agressive at lane and harras enemy adc or support if he get close. But the bad thing about this is that my Q doing 2 "blast" in nearby enemy. Usually its almost always 1 blast in enemy champ and 1 in nearby minion. And i have a lot sittuations when i use Q to dmg enemy champ and my second blast from Q kill enemy minion by accident. If i kill minion by accident before my first blast hit enemy, then i dont get any gold by hit from now and for 12 sec after this? Its not fair. I know, with this changes ill have to re-teach myself to play safe now and watch myself to not kill minions by accident, but i love to play agressive. Second example: My adc after bad trading on lane get low on hp and have to recall (also if he have much gold that he want to spend), but i am dont have gold to spend and im full at hp. My adc recall, enemy push lane to the tower and i have to defend lane by myself. Minions and enemy come close to my tower and push it hard. I have to defend and damage and even kill enemy minion! So why i must have this debuff for 12 sec? That what im thinking. I am not satisfied about this changes and think this will have bad changes on economic of supports. Rito pls dont add this changes on live servers.
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