How to Fix People Stealing Champions in a draft queue

IT'S SIMPLE. The person who hovers the champion first cannot have their champion stolen. This doesn't apply just to PBE draft modes, but this is where it happens to me the most. Let me explain. So I love playing URF, right? I love the fact they brought back old URF, but now that senna is released, I can never get her, even in the blind pick mode (which is a little stupid imo, but I get why they brought it in). My problem lies with the draft queues, namely URF at the time of typing this. I can have Senna hovered first, but then through the power of macros or spamming of the mouse, somebody always seems to steal the champion right from under my nose. It's so irritating to know that you should have the champion, that you should have the right since you hovered her first, but just because somebody clicked at a rate of 0.0000001 ms faster than you, you don't get to play it. My solution? Literally make the champion unable to be selected if somebody else is hovering over them. It's like in blind pick, only this time you actually get to claim your rights to it even if you're a later pick than the other person. Say I'm 3rd pick on my team in a draft mode, and I hover senna first. Instead of the person above me getting the champion since we don't have the same turn to pick, they wouldn't even be able to select Senna in the first place. This way I would claim my rights to the champion because I hovered over her first. I know, I know, URF doesn't have the traditional draft system; after bans, everybody picks at the same time. The thing is, however, the same principle can be applied here as well. If I hover over Senna first, another person could not pick her. This includes when everybody makes their champion selections en masse after bans. Instead of another person using macros or using the speed of their mouse, how about using the speed of your fingers to scroll/type in the search bar and hovering over her first. Not only can the tension in champion select be resolved quicker, but it would also just give the people who want senna a fair chance at getting her and not losing out on the chance to play her due to client lag and other variables. Basically, all I'm asking is for a simple solution to a very frustrating problem. If you want, point out flaws to this argument, but I think it's still better than nothing. Because God Almighty, I'm sick and tired of this issue happening with every new champion release and rework. Thanks for reading, and as I said, feel free to discuss whether this would be a good idea or not. EDIT: This would also decrease the likelihood of people on your team trolling you by banning the champion you have hovered; in case you haven't guessed, that would be Senna (as of typing this). In URF, I've had teammates willingly, knowingly, ban Senna despite me and/or another teammate having her hovered. It's very annoying having troll teammates abusing their banning privileges by banning the champion you've made known you want to play. So yeah, that's something to think about as well.

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