Aatrox? Aatrox.

I will be really short to not make you waste time: - Aatrox appearance is too bright and plane. I would use darker reds and add textures to his chest and red arm. In his chest you could draw a more evident effect like a hole, due to his heart is on his sword - Aatrox needs a running animation - Passive should affect only on champions and maybe large monsters. It has a too long cd to make it too much easy to waste. - Passive need to be more clear, more bright in the sword maybe - Passive should slow and/or more range and/or less cd - Q cd between every cast is too long. It feels bad. Too long to fast cast. Too short to basic attack. - W mechanic should change because it is a really unsecure cc: skillshot and possibilty to avoid the pull - W area should be more thematic shape, it feels strange. - E feels bad, too short and only 2 charges. Increase at least to 3 to use with full Q - E damage buff should have more evidence with particles - R... I love it - R description should say how many ms, ad and hp (when you revive) you got exactly Skins: - Justicar Aatrox splashart doesn't fit with the new model (wings and body colour). It seem a lazy way to change the splashart. Besides, in general I would change the little wings on his head (at least the colour), right now they doesn't fit well. - Justicar Aatrox: change heart symbol from passive hit - Mecha Aatrox: change heart symbol from passive hit - Sea Hunter Aatrox red arm looks weird, specially his hand. It seems a bad 3d model. Besides, I miss his ray wings but I think that is just a opinion. - Sea Hunter Aatrox particles could be dark blue.
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