Leblanc feedback

##Passive Don't really like when the passive procs out of nowhere. It's hard to keep track when it's gonna spawn the clone when there's so much more going on in the game. Would be nice if some aspects of her rework was kept in the revert. Instead of proc'ing automatically, would it be possible to proc on next spell cast a bit similar to how current live clones do on her R? ##Waveclear W is once again the primary waveclearing ability which means her skill max order is once again extremely restricted. Would be nice if some waveclearing was moved to Q so she could either max Q or W first based on matchup. ##Mana costs Spell mana costs seem to be very high. I find myself running out of mana after couple of spell rotations. Does her E really need to cost 70 mana at all ranks? W costing 120 mana at rank 5 really puts me off from maxing it... but there's no choice cause it's so crucial for waveclear. ___ Also would really appreciate a dedicated LB revert feedback thread from the devs. There's no telling if they even see these posts otherwise.

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