A lot of hackers in TFT on live server

Hi i just want to say i see a lotof script user with a hack script to get the champs they need and upgrade them in a time isnt possible to upgrade them so fast. They have a lot of money to upgrade level in very early game to level 6 and they have no money save on side. I looked in the network to find maybe a script this people using and i found a script and a lot of people using this script for TFT. And a lot of palyers wrote there a comment, so u can find easy this names in league out and ban them. Please do something against this scripter. Maybe it helpes you to make a ban system who find out player automatically who using this scirpt: https://www.aimforest.com/cheat-detail/teamfight-tactics-lol-chess-gold-hack-script-download pelase do something its not funny to play tft with a lot of hackers. And no i dont using scriptings i hate hackers and cheaters and unflair players who need script to win. Ty

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