Why keep adding more damage and lowering defense?

Why 20 adaptive damage? It gives so much damage in the early game. Even if you go with the defense runes to either get +10 armor or +12 mr, you will still still take a ton of damage from 20 ad. I dont understand the incentive of adding more damage into the runes. The defensive runes dont really help against damage at all. Even the scaling runes are terrible. What is 15 health going to do at level 1. Who else is going to bother getting scaling 10% that is only achievable at level 18. Why not just get transcendence for the ten percent cdr at level 10 instead of scaling cdr?No one is going to bother taking any of those rune except adaptive damage and attack speed simply beacuse the defensive runes are weak. Boneplating was also removed. Resolve is barely a defensive tree. The new runes still lack something season 8 didnt have and it is enough early game defensive stats. Please stop adding runes that enhance damage. We want some REAL defensive runes. +10 armor and +12 mr is nothing compared to 20 ad or ap. Champions who need early game survivability need theses defensive runes especially nasus.
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