Thoughts on Ashe VFX Update

**Below I have listed my thoughts on each Ashe skin regarding her VFX update. _Please note that all of the comments below are my own personnel opinion and something I would personally like to see._** **Freljord Ashe** For a 520RP skin, the VFX are fine. **Sherwood Forest Ashe** Once again, for it being a 520RP the VFX are fine * Personnel note, there is a tiny hint of a teal colour in her W and E. Wish it could carry over to the rest of her abilities, but it is 520RP so it isn't that big of a deal **Woad Ashe** Same thing as **Sherwood Forest Ashe** :) **Queen Ashe** This skin is 975RP (As well as Legacy) and _personally_ I would have liked to see more changed to the VFX, colour wise. Maybe more of a white colour on all of her abilities with a slight gold accent (As her dress has gold on it). **Amethyst Ashe** For a 975RP skin I really like it, even if it just the base VFX with a purple colour! :3 **Marauder Ashe** With this being a 750RP skin I can say that nothing needs to change really. I think it is fine as it is. :) For **Heartseeker Ashe**, **PROJECT: Ashe**, **Championship Ashe**, and **Cosmic Queen Ashe** no changes were made (Except for her Q) so I have no comments about these skins. :) To see a comparison of Ashe's Old and New VFX watch the video below! | Video By: [SQUPO]( If you have any questions or your own opinions then leave me a message and I will be glad to respond! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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