Random URF is unbalanced and not fun

While it sounds like a good idea to give people random champions it is not. Usually the teams are unbalanced by abilities. Lets say you have a evelynn versus someone like gnar. Gnar doesn't benefit from almost anything. While yes he has poke and yes he has his E by the time he tries to use each one he will be dead. That is because there are some champions that are just overpowered gods in this mode. So if people were able to ban champions that might have been way better because situations in which the enemy team hass very beneficial champions and you have bad ones won't happen that much. Also there are champions like Ashe or Vayne that HARDLY benefit from this mode. They don't have much spells that can be exploited so they have a very bad game and end up feeding champions with long range poke that have 0.5 cd. It isn't fun to play vs any long range poke champion like Vel Koz or Syndra or Lissandra etc.
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