Draft Pick Champ Select Timing Improvements on PBE

Today we will begin testing a shorter champ select for Draft, primarily driven by time reductions in later phases of the draft. We don't have immediate plans to use these timings on the Live servers. We will test until you are happy, then try it selectively in some regions before moving to Live. Our goal is to streamline champ select so that you can spend more of your session in the game. We want to accomplish this by trimming phases that tend to drag on. You should feel more consistently engaged with the champ select experience throughout. Of course, this means in some situations, you will feel pressure to make decisions faster. [img]https://i.imgur.com/Ki62bo4.png[/img] Once comfortable with the new timings, player should be always engaged, but seldom stressed. This is where you come in. We test internally mostly via custom games. I need candid feedback from players who have put 20+ games in on these timings under real life circumstances, like bans and trades. As the above diagram shows, we've pushed this version pretty aggressively -- better to start with noticeable changes and pull back as needed. Thanks in advance for your input! *You may have noticed the "perfect" champ select has lower experiential variance. That will involve changes not present here -- for example, improvements to the Runes UI/UX. Look for those in the future.

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