Take URF back instead of ARUF

This is an argumentation in favor of bringing back URF mode instead of actual ARUF mode. In other words: eliminating the ramdon URF champion select. I gonna give my perspective about actual ARUF game status, first of all, being concerned about the reason why Riot decided to make original URF mode a ramdon champion select mode. Those games were always filled with same champs. Champions as Zed, Hecarim, Zed, Evelynn, Zed, etc. The diference between some champs was so high that not all champs were worth pick. Because this fact, it suceeded as an apropiate solution to make champion select ramdonized. Game have changed a lot since URF was launched. But not only LoL itself, also URF/ARUF mode has been modified a lot. Champions now are mostly balanced. There isn't a 100% win chance picking champion. And there's no champion that, with a bit of luck an skill, can´t be satisfactory played. Even Zilean, which is the worst champ (im refering to stadistics data) can make some good games. And i don´t think it's exclusively because of the randomiced pick up. We could adduce that the gap betwean best URF champ and worst one have decreased considerably thanks to the balancing changes implemented recently in URF. What im trying to argue to is about the proposal showed in the title of this post. I deeply think URF normal mode can be even funnier than ARUF is right now. As now champions are more balanced, there won´t be any preference pick massively taken, and players will be able to try out different champs with weird builds as they can plan their game, even team comps, before geting into game.
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