My thoughts and disappointment with the GGMF ultimate skin

Hi, just want to write out my thoughts. This thread is in response to Cactopus comment: > We’ve been discussing all this feedback on GGMF as a team since yesterday. Before anything else, I want to be super transparent and honest with OP about their suggestion: We’re not going to do this. > Like we explained in the State of Skins video, while we think the in-game transformations do set her apart and make her way higher-value, it’s not new tech and we know that full price ultimates usually bring something crazy and new to the table. That’s why we picked a lower price point (2775 RP) for her, and we think that’s still a pretty good deal. > Our plan is to just listen for now (reading what players are saying all over the world—not just the Reddit echo chamber) instead of engaging in arguments in comment sections like these. Then we’ll likely sort out the feedback that seems to be resonating and address it in an Ask Riot post. If we have any tweaks to the skin to announce, we’ll do it then. But understand up front that we’re not going to completely rescope the skin. I’m absolutely disappointed in this all, but especially in how you handled it. A lot of MF mains and people from the community already gave their thoughts to you that they feel like that the skin does not live up to being an ultimate (please don’t give me that “we lowered the price so we think that’s ok” bullshit). When an ultimate is revealed, everyone expects it to be 3250RP quality. Especially when the skin is really high quality and gets released once a year or 1,5 year. With this, you guys are giving us a middlefinger. A huge one. We love skins and we love high quality and especially when it lives up to the expectations. 99% of your skins live up to the expectations and when one doesn’t, most of the time it gets fixed. I guess this is an exception. Basically you didn’t even bother finish the skin and are ABSOLUTELY fine with releasing it in its current state where many people expressed their feelings that the skin does not live up to the quality we expected. You are OKAY with it by reducing the price with releasing an unfinished, rushed skin. Did you forget your own standards? I thought you loved the community and wanted them to get the highest quality for the tier possible. You even stated in the State of Skins that the 1350RP skins are becoming a norm because people who get a skin for their main in a long time want a high quality one. I absolutely agree with that and it makes sense. However you completely contradict yourselves with this statement when it comes to GGMF. You tell us it’s an ultimate, so please give us an ultimate with the quality being 3250RP, instead, you give us this halfassed skin and tell us it’s fine because you reduced the price. This feels like a big insult to us. I can’t even believe how you are absolutely OK with this. Basically you don’t even care if people feel satisfied about the skin, seeing as you believe it’s absolutely fine to release it after a few tweaks and all. A lot of us will have a bitter feeling about it because we know we’ll never have a real ultimate worthy skin and instead we get this crap. Everytime I’m locking MF in the champion select, I will see that damned ultimate skin and it will remind me of this massive blunder everytime, making me feel sad. I can say that will count for most of the MF mains here. Not only that, outside of MF mains, people aren’t happy because they know an ultimate skin is released only once a year or 1,5 year, which they now have to wait again, only now with the DOUBT that you guys will ACTUALLY release a 3250RP quality skin after this blunder. How do you actually feel like you’re OK with this? I absolutely don’t understand at all. I feel utterly disappointed because you guys are possibly the BEST skin team in the world. You give us the highest quality skins most of the time and like I said before, if they aren’t you’ll fix them. Remember the SKT skins one? You guys weren’t happy with how we reacted so pulled them back and made monster skins out of them. Boom everyone satisfied because you actually cared about it and made some sick awesome skins out of it. With that being said, why do you absolutely refuse to do this with GGMF? It’s an ultimate so it has even more right to be actually satisfactory to buy. But basically you got possessed by demons who for some reason suddenly make the most baffling decisions. This is not you guys. I’m absolutely stunned about the fact that you completely refuse to even fix the skin to make it even ultimate worthy. Basically ignoring the fact that customers should be satisfied with the quality. I thought customers had the right to a quality that they actually expect from it? Guess not. It just saddens me because I know you are way better than this, however I don’t know what is absolutely stopping you from making your community satisfied this time. It saddens me the most because I’m passionate about this game and especially love Miss Fortune to death, so this skin will always leave a bitter feeling for me. Please dear Riot, reconsider again. A lot of people, myself included, just want a satisfactory skin that lives up to the expectations. It would mean the world to me and a lot of people if you just considered making it actually ultimate worthy. I don’t care if I have to wait 2 years to be it actually ultimate worthy. Please do not release an halfassed skin. It will just leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. Besides {{champion:21}} does absolutely not deserve getting fucked over. **Edit: As it seems, you guys exceeded expectations with Birdio, Pizza Delivery Sivir and Bullet Angel Kai'Sa, which is absolutely awesome. But it makes it even worse how GGMF got handled. It's just wrong when people are way more hyped for the Sivir and Galio skin than the Ultimate MF skin. Especially the Galio skin is 975RP and has way better inspiration than this skin. Let's not get started on the Sivir skin one, which is just way better than this skin and costs like 1500RP less. How you could let this happen and get the ultimate skin absolutely butchered, is beyond me. Please for the love of god, re-consider the ultimate skin.**
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