They Say They Won't Add Particles to Sinful Succulence or Blade Mistress.

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Well, I'd like to be the change I want to see in the world. I've read that they do not want to do this for "price clarity reasons", and stating they look fine the way that they are now. They don't want to give things to people for cheaper prices, which is understandable from a business standpoint. My argument, however, is that many of Morgana's (and Kayle's!) skins are legacy, or only come around once a year for holidays. The people who have these skins have been playing for years, and have done their waiting to finally get the well-deserved updates to the skins they care about. Riot has had a stellar run with updating older skins in the past, making them feel new and fresh. In my circle in particular, waiting to see how older skins have been improved is one of the most exciting parts about an update. I guess that's why I feel like Morgana has been done such a grievous disservice. Out of her older skins ( Blade Mistress, Exiled, Sinful Succulence, and Blackthorn) Only one of these skins received special particles...and initially no one was happy with them. Because Blackthorn is missing all the charm and love it had from the beginning which made it get that price upgrade all that time ago (I've been playing Morgana long enough to remember that!!) People had to complain to get particle recolors on Exiled. And that's all they color adjustments. Granted, Exiled was only a recolor skin to begin with, but it feels bad to have something people have wanted for that skin since the beginning to be added on as an afterthought once enough people complained. It feels like nobody has been listening to what Morgana Mains have been asking for this entire time, and it feels AWFUL. I have put my full thoughts on the skins and how I personally feel they could be improved [here]( But for now, it's time for a little bit of a history lesson. In the spirit of Riot's newfound desire to have skins match their pricepoints, I've decided to compile a list of _all of the champions whose old/legacy skins got special updates when their VGU came around_. Just to illustrate how truly unfair it feels to have Morgana's older skins be ignored. I thought about including 975 skins that haven't been updated at all that were given particles, but I figured keeping it to Champions who have been visually updated would be more fair.
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