Viktors new route

I've been a Viktor main since season 5, and I feel the CDR is not an issue that breaks him for all i care you can raise his CDRs. He just feels less rewarding to play than any other mid lane mage. if you want to make him better you can't make more than half his damage easy to dodge. Me personally I would love to see changes to R and W more than anything. I feel like his q and e are fine. If you make his shield larger he is going to be more oppressive into melee than he already is. My suggestions Q 1. mark targets for W slows (stacks an extra proc) 2. increase shield W 1. grounded 2. increase slow % 3. Bonus Damage to stunned targets E 1. Instead of aftershock make it after burn damage over time for them standing on it applies immediately 2. Lower e after shock to .8 seconds (middle ground) 3. Widen the hit box of aftershock (people can still move out) R 1. Minor slow on his R (20-25%) 2. Grievous wounds on his R 3. R speed up on Low targets 4. R going over Terrain 5. Initial Burst on his R 6. R targeting after death 7. Being able to control r after death would be really nice but i don't expect that

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