Increasing item prices cripples support. (Tear of Goddess)

I've been a support main for a little over 4 years on various accounts and frankly I'm really getting tired of item "balancing" changes directed at other laners because it strikes support more than anyone else. Support is a role that earns the least amount of gold, is expected to invest in an essential item, is expected to buy countless control wards and yet these "balancing" changes only set the support role back even further. I've taken data from a random match I played that was pretty evenly matched up to 4 mins in the game. This was the gold income between players: 4 mins Enemy Top: 1,204 gold Enemy JG: 1,152 gold Enemy Mid: 1,109 gold Enemy ADC: 1,183 gold Enemy Support (Coin): 789 gold Allied Top: 1,092 gold Allied JG: 1,264 gold Allied Mid: 1,099 gold Allied ADC: 1,060 gold Allied Support (Coin): 892 gold The average gold income between all other laners was 1145 gold and the average between the supports was 840 gold by 4 mins. That's a 305 gold difference in SILVER. It can only be expected this difference is much higher in higher elo's because coin is set to specific amount while laners can actually get more gold from CSing better. The meta also pressures support to rush their first gold item upgrade so in actuality by 4 mins the average towards the first item the support is building is 303 gold. My main point I'm trying to make is that the majority of laners don't bat an eyelash when an item is increased by 100g, but it hurts support A LOT if they're rushing it early game. The main problem I have is 100g on Support isn't 100g on any other laner. If you were to break it down percentage wise it would be closer to laners paying 70g while supports are paying 100g. Gold is simply more valuable to supports because they generate less of it. This is also only counting the facts of gold generation also, it doesn't count for the fact that many supports prioritize getting their gold item first and buying wards which is a major part of their gold investment. So now you have to count the fact that you're nerfing an item like Tear against mid laners rushing it within only a few mins of the game while the item will most likely make it useless for mana based supports because it takes so much longer to get the gold for it AND it stats were nerfed. Since the stats nerf it most likely isn't worth taking before your gold generating item anymore on Champs like Support Zilean, so now it's to the point of most likely feeling useless by the time you get it after the first gold item upgrade, wards, and the extra +100 gold tacked on. This is something I want you to consider in every item change when increasing item prices and possibly come to a better solution for itemization on supports. Edit: To go along with this another change you recently made which hurt supports really bad was the change on Warmog's passive from 2750 hp back to 3000 hp. This hurt tank supports really bad because they don't get nearly the stats of top laners or junglers. Setting back top lane or jungle by one item is one thing, but it's nearly impossible to get Warmog's on support now because it typically has to be 6th item on support if you have mostly utility items.
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