Elderwood Ahri shows the model's age

So I was amazed by the splash art of Elderwood ahri, looks absolutely incredible, however when i saw her model in-game it made me realize how outdated her model is. Whenever i've played Ahri i've used the Starguardian skin, so It has actually gone over my head how old the animations are for her base model. The recall looked nice, but when you actually move and use the champ it's clear she needs new animations. There are many other champs that could use some new model animations, but while we are on the subject of this amazing looking Ahri skin. I figured this should be the first to be addressed. Her movements when walking and casting spells look really unnatural, and even standing still, her tails look more like some kinda weird Ken Kaneki tentacles. and personally as someone who isn't even much of an Ahri player, i would buy most of her skins if she got a model update.

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