Lux Steel Legion NEW VFX is the same as new default VFX Lux

Hi everyone! Im a Lux main with more than 2 MI mastery in BR server and im HERE because i didn't find a way to send my opinion and these videos in the "DEV Corner" about Lux New VFX, because im not from NA server. So i hope u understand why im here in the PBE and not in the DEV Corner post. I made 3 videos showing the differences between New R VFX Default Lux and New Steel Legion and the Old Steel Legion R VFX for comparison. Note: U can SKIP to R time, its on description of the videos New VFX Lux: New VFX Steel Legion: As u can see, basically the New VFX of Steel Legion and Default Lux are the same.. Take a look at 1:37 till 1:44 in both videos. And after 1:44 basically only have different colors.. Steel Legion lost his identity.. This skin is Unique, and now is dead! Steel Legion should be more ELECTRIC, the new VFX is like a wave, like the other new skins. Im not talking only in her R but in other skills too. This skin need more work, her Q should be like Electric arrow, her W should be like 2 small eletric balls with voltaic arc between the balls and the shield could look like plasma ball (Image 1). And her E should be like Electric Ball, like the plasma ball (Image 1) with electric field around the ball (Image 2): Image 1: and Image 2: Or the E could be like a Electric energy traped in the ball like Image 3, and when it pop, it turns into a lightning. Image 3: And now... Take a look how is the Old VFX Steel Legion R: About Default Lux New VFX, Lux shoud have more WHITE particles and NOT YELLOW/GOLD like in her R and W. And her E should be WHITE too when is pop, and not pink. Lux already have other skins with PINK in her particles like Star Guardian, Battle Academy Prestige Edition and Lux Elementalist Mystic. The Same with YELLOW/GOLDEN particles, like Lunar Empress and Battle Academy. Default Lux Skin SHOULD BE WHITE with RAINBOW effects!!! I hope any Rioter read it, specially Rioter Sirhaian!! Thats it! I hope all of you enjoy about my opinion!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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