The Mordekaiser rework is OVERPOWERED

{{champion:82}} 1. The first thing I want to say is that the new rework is SO off the charts for all other champions and is TOO Over-Powered 2. The new Mordekaiser rework is in anyway impossible to fight against 1 on 1. It is SO impossible that 2 vs 1 against Mordekaiser is even more impossible because the ult gives him such an advantage that it is unfair on a degree that makes a lot of people hate him. 3. I'm speaking in the name of all players I can guarantee that. The new rework for Mordekaiser is so overpowered that any kind of set of items you buy you will lose 1 on 1. I'm suggesting fixing the way the ult works plus lowering the damage on the Q and basics empowered by Lich Bane. I don't know how are you guys working on champion reworks but this is too Overpowered in anyway possible, I'm just saying that is SO unfair, no matter if he is Inting nor being fed, he is always getting a head on in battle because of that ult that lets him take out anyone 1 on 1. He can use that ult in a Team Fight where he can ult the ADC and take care of him/her without a problem. It is just too overpowered. Suggesting even removing the point where they exit to another realm and make them just in a somewhat of an ARENA stage, where it is in a wide RANGE but everyone can interfere while pushing enemies back, somewhat like Camille's ultimate. Yours sincerely , **GodOfAll**
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