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Hi Every one, it's make a long time i think about this idea (2 or 3 years ago). We should be able to change the back screen, and personalise it as icons ! Buy some new images on The Shop !
Hello every one i did this post long time ago.. BUT ! I Really want to show you my point of view another time because of the new CLIENT ! Please Riot ! Read this message ! The back ground on our profile are really old and need a little "rework" ! So my first offer was to make theses **background** able to be changed **like icons** ! So we can swap as we wish or win new one on event (_**Halloween/Chrismas**_..) And not (ONELY IF WE PUT THE EZ/UDYR/SONA Icons !) Second proposition, why do we can't win some new back ground on : - **End of saison** (after silver or more..) - With the new **key system** and **tresors system** ! It's the occasion to add something on it ! :D {{item:3460}} - Paiment system, back ground against some **Pi / Rp**. Thanks For read this message ! :) PLEASE RIOT IF YOU LIKE IT, TELL ME ON THE COMMENTARY !
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