Lets talk about the new ARURF

I'm sure we can all agree that the snow map is amazing for people that do use it instead of disabling it due to FPS issues. The snowball mechanic is refreshing too instead of having to take teleport. But one the thing that makes the snow day ARURF so off-putting is the fact that the champion pool for ARURF is limited... Do you guys think its better if we have a limited champion pool for arurf or do you guys prefer it being ALL champions available to play? What are your guys pros and cons on having this new ARURF? In my opinion I like the fact that Riot is trying to have a snow-down theme game mode but in all honesty I think they should come up with some snow-down themed quests rather than changing up ARURF. Also I just can't agree with having to play a limited champion pool for ARURF this time. Its like ARURF but with bans on like 50 other champions just because they don't fit the snow-down theme.
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