Jungle/Solo lane Experience on 9.21

TL:DR exp changes feel over tuned to the point of getting a lead means keeping it the entire game w/o counter play. Right now the changes to solo lane/jungle exp feel really bad in the mid game. Gank oriented junglers feel like they are down to far to have a meaningful impact on lanes and farm heavy junglers feel almost necessary because they are the closest you can get to keeping up. Once the enemy gets a lead it turns from a 1/2 level lead to a 3 level lead. And this is not just 'oh I lost badly riot nerf' but I've done the same to the enemy team. I've found myself asking multiple times "how are they supposed to come back from this?" and the answer is mostly 'we fuck up' Teams that are proactive with establishing deep vision can use that to deny the enemy of catch up resources. Which ever mid roams first/can make an impact on bot lane can snowball that lead and force the enemy to compete for what minions they can for gold/exp. If this has just been my experience and others are vastly different I'd love to see your input. But I feel like even bronze/iron players couldn't throw the kind of leads the exp changes give you.

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