My opinion on Autobattlers and TFT

My opinion on TFT in its current state is it doesn't live up to its name of "Team Fight Tactics" and that it feels rushed and unbalanced which is understandable since Riot is competing against Value in taking the place as most popular "Autobattler" since it seems like it might be the next big thing since the Battle Royale genre. _What makes a Autobattler fun?_ * For me what makes a Autobattler fun is planning a composition and **adapting with RNG. ** * Seeings my favourite Champions fight it out and **noticeably using their signature abilities** (one of my favourite champs in TFT is Gnar and every piece should be designed like Gnar , one of my most disliked is Vayne shes strong and not very flashy.) * Outsmarting my opponents with better **positioning**. _Elaborating on the points above._ Adapting with RNG is a fun and important aspect of Autobattlers as it often forces you to make decisions like _"example: Do I want Rengar which will give me Wild bonus give me a option of Assassins? or Do I want Ahri which will also give me Wild and the Sorcerer option?"_ Currently the game feels heavily impacted by items which are mostly rewarded through RNG although the carousel tries to tackle this issue it does it poorly and issue on its own. I believe items should have less impact on a game as they should be playing a supportive role in a composition rather than the primary role it plays right now. _(example: Vayne with a Rageblade compared to a vayne without)_ Champions noticeably using their signature abilities is something I would like to see more of in TFT. Gnar is the best example of this when he gets his ultimate up he uses 'Hop' along with his Rage mode and then uses 'GNAR!' its looks cool and it has impact on the fight. Vayne on the other hand really does't capture her as a champion she could have easily been as awesome as Gnar if she had 'Final Hour' and 'Tumble' during its duration rather than her just standing there and auto-attacking and proccing 'Silverbolts'. Lucian is very well designed 'ADC' in TFT 'Relentless Persuit' and 'Lightslinger' make him look impactful and making the "Teamfight" look awesome! **TBC** I've never been the best student and I cant be bothered writing anymore right now but I'd like to leave it with a couple more points Riot should make more use of the classes they created Has there been thoughts on terrain and buffs on the hexes? blacking out hexes making them unable to be used this round and putting like red buff/blue buff on a hex for risk and reward.

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