Riot is a literal joke

what in the actual world are you doing riot, first of all the game is broken, morde is way to overpowered, yi is way too overpowered, match making is so wrong that it makes the game unfun to play when u absolutely destroy the enemy team with ur lvl 150 summoner team all playing champs they main against literall just lvl 30s who are 1st timing, and the games the are worthplaying, (the only games that i enjoy playing as someone who has played this game for 2.5 years now is those where i am on the brink of losing but the team comes back and wins) never happen. which brings me onto my second point, the game is dying, riots too busy being sexist or 'making skins for teens to jerk off to' (every league youtuber). so that slowly people are gonna stop playing the mess that is league of legends. people will feel like their influence dosent matter. There are trolls feeders and inters. i went to riot support to ask what i should do if someone trolls and i suggested that we make summoners pick 'meta champs' in ranked. The riot support worker who responded WAS A TROLL who says that trolls shound be in ranked. The owners of the game basically want the game to die. Now, riot talks about them having to take of urf and have is sparingly as people leave the game after urf leaves which is understandable. But now we have the trainwreck of Teamfight Tactics. i like autochess, i find it really fun. and ive wanted to play tft on the pbe since 18 hours ago, the 1st time i was awaited with a 2 hours wait time TO LOGIN, and after all that the games said unexpected error, so this morning i went on and loged in only to be awaited by a 14 AND A HALF HOUR QUEUE TIME(which will probably fail due to an unexpected error). So riots created a game which will have the same effect as urf on player count but made it unplayable???? You create an new game around the most popular videogame in the world (not for much longer) and you dont increase server capacity?????? people will get frustrated by not being able to play and leave the game. literally the urf effect but worse. So riot in conclusion, stop listening to your stupid parent company tencent and make the game playable, I know as a business student you need to make the profits for them but soon league will fall and there will be no profits to give. Riot will go bankrupt and the world will be a better place.
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