My possibly unpopular opinion on the now not so fun ARURF

To start this off, elder drake buff simply should be removed or nerfed to the ground. This once great gamemode has become a 1shot fuckfest. And no, i'm not talking about the 30 abilities in a second kind of 1shot. But the literal 1 button 1shot. I know that some champions also did this before, but we are talking 5%. But now, with lethality and these idiotic reworked and overtuned new champs. Over all, i simply believe that all damage should be nerfed by 50%. Thus encouraging more actual urf focused gameplay, where you spam your abilities to kill someone, not just press q and that's it. And in case anyone was thinking about it, i don't actually believe tanks will be too overpowered if this change comes through. Mostly because a lot of champions who get oneshot now would finally be able to utilize their kits and help shred down tanks.
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